Visual Etiquette
Graphic design and branding agency. Peterborough.


One perpetually enthusiastic individual. One sardonic realist. Two extremely creative minds. It'll never work.

Visual Etiquette was born out of a desire to love work and to enjoy life. With a strict ethos of ‘work ourselves happy’, we’ve found along the way that this mantra is beneficial to others as well. We do not have a love of one style, era or influence; creative magpies flitting between inspiration and perspiration to deliver well executed, rewarding projects. If it can be good, it should be bloody great.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Tommy Deja

A designer and director with over 15 years agency experience in branding and marketing. Over 30 years experience in sarcasm.

Equally skilled in both the strategy and execution of creative campaigns, he has created and managed projects within a wide variety of industry sectors. His client experience ranges from small, independent start-ups up to multi-national FTSE100 companies.

Outside of the Visual Etiquette studio Tommy balances a life long love of music with a continuing love of craft beer, along with a newly acquired love of Cockerpoos (one specifically). A voraciously committed avoider of Love Island and the ilk.

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English lyricists / Bourdain / Sours / Chillies / Fedoras


ITV football coverage / Microsoft Excel / People who move their mouths while reading / Design agencies that mention coffee

There are fewer more distressing sights than that, of an Englishman in a baseball cap
— Pete & Carl

Joel Brown

A disgruntled animation graduate who gave up drawing the same image over and over to become a designer.

With over 14 years experience in all walks of design, from designing posters and t-shirts to working for award winning agencies, he has the ability to spot, design and develop an initial idea into a profitable business opportunity.

Any time away from the studio is usually spent cooking, precariously sustaining a father vs son Mario Kart title and enduring Batman in various guises. He is also an avid collector of all things vinyl, steelbook and a certain brand specific interlocking brick system.


80's films  /  90's Rap  /  DIPAs  /  Occasionally my son


Boot-cut jeans  /  Crocs  /  LOLs  /  Occasionally my son 

What he said
— Source unknown